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I am using ckeditor 4.0.4 gem in rails3.

My requirement is every event has a description it uses ckeditor. And whatever images I upload in that ckeditor are images of that event I don't want to show that events to anybody apart from that user.

Well, when I use ckeditor with carrierwave it create its own model store attachments in that model.

How can I tell ckeditor to use my model to store that attachments.

I saw when I uploading attachment its going to

Started POST "/ckeditor/pictures?qqfile=Screenshot+from+2014-04-03+17%3A15%3A47.png"    for at 2014-04-05 14:32:51 +0530
Processing by Ckeditor::PicturesController#create as HTML
Parameters: {"qqfile"=>"Screenshot from 2014-04-03 17:15:47.png"}

But I want exactly is

class Event
  has_attachment :attacchments
  accept_nested_attributes_for :attachents

All attchements I uploaded through ckeditor will store in this attachements.

Google can't help me in this time.

Please help me any time saver.

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