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i want to declare a global variable in my model and will use it accordingly.
syntax below is just example how i want to use it..may not be proper syntax..i want to knwo proper syntax for this to implement.

global $stddata

call to 1st function via ajax :

add a array of data to this global variable.

global $stddata = array(1=>"a",2=>"b");

after user triggers some event call to 2nd function via ajax :

Access the array stored in global variable above.

echo $stddata
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Your global statement is incorrect, you will need to use define('foo', 'bar'); for assignment and use global $var to import a variable into the current scope. Also being a global variable does not mean it will persist beond one request, it simply sets the scope that it can be accessed. –  AlexP Apr 5 at 10:03

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Your question is similar to :

Code Igniter - best place to declare global variable

or How to declare global variable in CodeIgniter 2.2?

Try this, you might get solution.

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i tried using codeigniter flashdata but it is not able to take data as array..i need some other method..because many times my data will be huge.. –  Kaushil Rambhia Apr 5 at 10:42

I would suggest you put it in core controller. You should create MY_Controller.php file in application/core folder and use wanted array as you wish. It will be in any controller that extends MY_Constroller class.

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