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i'm creating a web app that's running on an Advantage Database server, not my personal weapon of choice but that's what the company uses. I have a couple of big lists that the end-users need to be able to view however i can't seem to find a way to page through the results in SQL.

Is there something like LIMIT / OFFSET for Advantage Database? If no, any suggestions on approaching this?

thank you in advance!

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I understand that LIMIT and a ROWNUM will be new features in an upcoming version of Advantage.

However, until then, I have used this in the past to select row 50-60.

select top 10 * from mytable where rowid not in (select top 50 rowid from mytable)

@tommieb75, you indicated that the SQL dialect was not standard. I have found that it is based on the standards containing most of the SQL-92 standard and some of the SQL-2003 features.

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this seems to work, allthough i must say it takes less time to fetch the entire table (which has around 160K records) then it takes to get a certain page out of it. also, how does this work on joined tables? – UnreliableWitness Feb 25 '10 at 9:25

According to this, the correct syntax for LIMIT in Advantage is SELECT TOP 10 * FROM YOURTABLE.

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thank you, however that doesn't solve my paging problem – UnreliableWitness Feb 18 '10 at 12:21
@dries.hoebeke : Yes, apparently there is no ROWNUM function so having the ability to use SELECT TOP gets you nowhere in terms of paging. I guess your only remaining choice is to load everything into memory and do your paging logic. It's definitely a solution of maximum suckage, but I don't really see that you have other options. If you haven't already, you should probably vote for the future implementation of ROWNUM here:… – Klaus Byskov Pedersen Feb 18 '10 at 12:43

Updating this for any stumbling here, but as Edgar mentioned in his answer, Advantage 10 SQL now supports a START AT keyword.



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