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I am trying to keep my header relative (I want it to scroll with contents) and I have a footer which holds the progressbar I want the footer to be fixed at the bottom of window.

I am using JQM 1.4.1 HTML:

<div data-role="header">
//and some more divs inside
<div data-role="footer">
    <div id="progressbar">
        <div class="progress-label"></div>


$("[data-role='header'],[data-role='footer']" ).toolbar();
$("[data-role='header']" ).toolbar( "option", { position: null});

$("[data-role='footer']" ).toolbar( "option", { position: 'fixed'});

I am able to achieve what I want by explicitly doing a tap/click event on the ui-content.But the problem here is that tap event is still active and if the user clicks on the ui-content or something the header gets fixed even when I have set the position to null. I tried with the taptoggleblacklist with .ui-content but its not working.

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