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I was using invalidate() to try and make something draw on the screen... but invalidate() says:

onDraw(android.graphics.Canvas) will be called at some point in the future

So I guess I could find some way to call the onDraw() myself, but does Android offer any sort of flush function that can be used here?

Searching around so far the only thing I found was the flushable class, but I'm not sure if that can be leveraged somehow.

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I doubt. As you already know the UI Thread is responsible for the UI, Touch Events etc, and if I am not mistaken all those events are queued. So you would like to clear this queue to give priority to your invalidate, did I understand correctly? –  Blackbelt Apr 5 at 13:02
Have you check this link to see if it helps? –  ChuongPham Apr 5 at 13:04
@blackbelt - Yeah, that's pretty much what I was looking to do. I'm surprised Android doesn't provide any methods to query/manipulate the queued events, I assumed I just hadn't found how to do it yet –  Mike Apr 5 at 13:04

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