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Sorry if this is a bit vague...

I have a Drupal install (6.14), and when I now either create or edit a page I'm led to a blank screen once I hit 'save'. It seems to return you to a blank version of .../node/add/page (when creating a page), rather than taking you to the actual created node.

Also, I notice that when editing a page, the url contains extra elements, e.g. /node/151/edit?destination=admin%2Fcontent%2Fnode , whereas I'm pretty sure before it used to be just: /node/151/edit

My other Drupal sites seem to be running fine, and I've attempted to disable recently added modules, run cron, cleared cache etc. to no effect. Incidentally, when I run cron manually it also returns a blank page.

Please, any ideas?


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Cheers for the link. Dang, all it was was whitespace at the end of my template.php file... –  james6848 Feb 18 '10 at 11:30

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