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I just want to implement the feature "Add row" for several tables at the same time.

I have these tables with all their rows hidden. When I press the button "Add row" I want to show a new row in every table. I guess it is possible to do it with :hiddenand :first-of-typeselectors but I'm not able to do it...

Do you know what am I doing wrong?

The example is here -->

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table.find('tr:hidden:first-child') -> – lshettyl Apr 5 '14 at 14:23
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You need

    $("table tbody").find('tr:hidden:first').show();

Demo: Fiddle

when you say table tbody tr:hidden:first-of-type, it matches the first row of the tbody if it is hidden, if the first row is not hidden then it does not match the selector

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$("table").each(function(){  $(this).find("tbody tr:hidden:eq(0)").show(); } );
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You mention tbody in your jquery selector, but you don't actually have a tbody element in your table. Also, your fiddle uses jQuery 1.4.2, but first-of-type was added in 1.9.

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