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CourseRepeater cr = new CourseRepeater();
List<CourseRepeater> course = new List<CourseRepeater>();
string sql = "SELECT u.Name, u.Surname, c.Name, c.ClosingDate, c.BeginDate FROM Course AS c, JOIN Users AS u on u.UserID=c.UserID";
DataTable dt = DataBase.SQLSelect(sql);
if (dt.Rows.Count != 0)
    cr.Name = dt.Rows[0]["Name"].ToString(); // ?

I have Database class that contains SQLSelect().Here there is not problem. My question is so : If I want to get Users.Name, dt.Rows[0]["Name"] in this row ,I should write dt.Rows[0]["Name"] or dt.Rows[0]["u.Name"] ?

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just Name.... –  Batu Zet Apr 5 at 15:01
but I have aslo Course.Name. –  Jeyhun Apr 5 at 15:02
How will browser know that I mean Which of them . –  Jeyhun Apr 5 at 15:03
Well i guess it would be a better practice if you get that c.Name as c.Name AS CourseName –  Batu Zet Apr 5 at 15:04
You should alias them in the query. Does dt.Rows[0]["u.Name"] actually work? You could use the ordinal position to get the one you want dt.Rows[0][0], but that fragile. Again aliases as u.Name UsersName, c.Name CourseName is a better bet. –  Karl Kieninger Apr 5 at 15:07

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Might as well move the comment to the answer.

You should alias the fields in the query.

The other option are more fragile or not as clear.

SELECT u.Name UsersName, c.Name CourseName FROM...
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isn't there diffrence between SELECT u.Name UsersName and SELECT u.Name AS UsersName ? –  Jeyhun Apr 5 at 15:51
Not in SQL Server at least. You didn't specify an RDBMS. SE:ECT UsersName = u.Name would also be equivalent. Try this, for example: SELECT 1 One,2 AS Two, Three = 3 –  Karl Kieninger Apr 5 at 16:30

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