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I'm looking for a Delphi component that will allow end users to visually move, expand or shrink costs (or any resource, really) on a project plan. The plan would show the schedule horizontally month by month, or perhaps week by week, with each cost on its own line.

eg. You might have Cost 1 which runs from Month 3 to Month 6, and Cost 2 which runs from Month 1 to Month 6 - I'd like them to be able to move these left and right on the time line, or make them last longer or for less time by dragging on the left or right hand border. And if they double-click or right-click on the cost, they could edit the more advanced properties.

The closest I've seen so far is perhaps the "Timeline" view on the DevExpress Scheduler component, but if anybody has any other suggestions, I'd like to hear them.

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You could use TurboPower VisualPlanIt.

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On the risk of seeming to be affiliated with DevExpress* take a look here : ExpressScheduler

You can have a regular scheduler (like outlook) and you can have a Gant chart (like MSProject and other project management tools).

  • I'm not affiliated with DevExpress in any way but I had a lot of very good experiences with there tools, for Delphi as well as for .Net.
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We have used the TPlanner component from TMS Software (http://www.tmssoftware.com/site/planner.asp) for one of our Roster applications.

Should do all the things yoyu want it to do.

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In a similar situation I used phGantTimePackage from Plexityhide. It allows for exactly what you look for. Only drawback: it doesn't seem as if it had been updated since 2005. But it comes with source code.

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EzPlan-IT the closest component to MS-Project sytle http://www.kever.com/index.htm?strUrl=/content/news.htm

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