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is there a way to make a drop spot inactive when i start dragging an element? I have 2 drop spots 1 after another and 2 images which are draggable.I need to know if i can make inactive dropspot[2] for image[2] when i start to drag image[1] . The problem is that Image[1] is as width as dropspot[1] - see fiddle! and dropspot[2] is in the middle of dropspot[1] so if i drop i get index for both...its like i have dropped it in both :(

Here is a situation : http://jsfiddle.net/gPXHr/1/

This is what i have tried so far....but didt work :(

if(event.currentTarget) {
 $(arrayofdropspots[2]).droppable ({ droppable: false});
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