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I was wondering if there was any way to read the name of a property in a property file by giving it a line number to read from. The outputs I want is the name of the property and the data of the property. I'm doing a point system were every 5 minute someone stays in a IRC channel they get a point and I have that part figured out, but now I want to know how I can do the ranking. The way that happens is that I need it to give me 2 numbers witch are the number of lines in the file and compare the value of the one who requested the rank to every other person in the file so that if there is 3 line one with the value of 1, one with 2 and one with 3 and the person who asked the rank is the one with the number 2 gets an output of "You are rank 2 of 3". I can send messages and everything I just need to know how to get the inputs.

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