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I am trying to implement an on-demand routing protocol in MANET. I am in the beginning phase of it by just working it out on a paper. I have a doubt, how to uniquely identify a node in a mobile ad hoc network. As the nodes keep moving in the network, the neighbors of a node keeps changing. Hence I wonder if IP address is used to identify the device how would the nodes get informed of a changed IP of a node, especially the nodes which are not in its radio coverage.

I know this is a basic level question, please help me.

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I think this question should be asked in StackExchange for Network Engineering – Sachin Joseph Apr 5 '14 at 16:54

Every networking capable device will have a MAC ID(address) of it's own provided by the manufacturer. So you have to get the mac-id along with your routing information to uniquely identify a mobile device in manet mac-id I believe you are following ns-tutorial

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