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From this post I gather we should define an alignRight CSS class with the desired alignment:

# ui.R
            tags$style(".alignRight { align: right; }", media = "all", type = "text/css")
        ...     # content with call to dataTableOutput("myTable")

and then when creating the DataTable, use the aoColumnDefs option to set class of the desired columns to alignRight:

# server.R
    function(input, output) {...
        output$myTable <- renderDataTable(...,
            options = list(
                aoColumnDefs = '[{"aTargets": [7, 9, 10], "sClass": "alignRight"}]'

However, this has had no effect on my DataTable, when remains left aligned for all columns. I thought a simple alignment issue would be easy to sort out, but after many hours, apparently not so. Any ideas would be much appreciated.

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  ui = basicPage(
    tags$head(tags$style(".table .alignRight {color: blue; text-align:right;}")),
    h2('The mtcars data'),
  server = function(input, output) {
    output$mytable = renderDataTable({
    }, options =list(aoColumnDefs = list(list(sClass="alignRight",aTargets=c(list(3),list(4),list(5))))  ))

worked for me and might help you model the CSS right for your situation. I only used blue since it helps show if other parts of the td formatting are working even if one might not be.

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Great - thanks! However, the column headings also become right-aligned and clash with the little sort icon - is there any way to fix this? Cheers. –  Milo Chen Apr 5 at 22:08
prbly have to twiddle the CSS a bit. I forget if DataTables use thead by default, but if they do, it's a matter of adding a CSS to handle that case. I'll see if I can give it a go a bit later. –  hrbrmstr Apr 5 at 22:10

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