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I would like to test the behaviour of my application if I send wrong values in a select input in form.

This is my form in HTML :

<form (...)>
<select name="select_input">
     <option value="1">text</option>


In my test, in get the form with the crawler and try to "select" an incorrect value :

$form['select_input'] = 9999999;
/* EDIT */
/*I am expecting the user to not be redirected to the user page,
  and the server to respond with the same form, containing an error message */
$this->assertEquals(1, $client->getCrawler()->filter('input.error'));

But in the console, I get the message :

InvalidArgumentException: Input "user_profile[voteProfile]" cannot take "9999999" as a value (possible values: 1)

How can I choose an incorrect value for testing the answer ? It would be possible to send an incorrect value by a real server.

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Your error message says "(possible values: 1)", which matches the one possible value in your form. So, really I think you are getting an exception that you should expect. If a real server were to send an incorrect value, I would suspect this same exception would occur.

In your test, try adding an annotation, like this:

* @expectedException InvalidArgumentException
public function testForm()

//test logic here



public function testForm()



More information here

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Thanks for your answer, but I am not expecting an Exception from the crawler, but an answer from the server. I edited my post because it was not obvious. –  Julien Fastré Apr 8 at 11:32

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