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I'm following Hartl's rails tutorial and when issue the following command:

rails generate controller StaticPages home help --no-test-framework

it throws and error:

You should not use the match method in your router without specifying an HTTP method. (RuntimeError) If you want to expose your action to both GET and POST, add via: [:get, :post] option. If you want to expose your action to GET, use get in the router: Instead of: match "controller#action" Do: get "controller#action"

I am using Rails 2.1.0 and I'm wondering if that is creating the problem? Do I need to change some of the syntax in the route.rb file?

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You should be having a route in routes.rb for which you have not specified HTTP method.

For example: For a PhotosController with show action, use:

match 'photos', to: 'photos#show', via: [:get, :post]

I would also suggest you to use latest version of Rails 4.x, if you are just doing the Rails Tutorial.

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