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hi friends i am siva sankar reddy s

I was just opened the cmd in windows and creted a directory by using "md" command and opened a text file by "notepad " and I did my program in that file and given .c extention to save that file.

Now I want to know how to compile and run that c program to get out put.

One more thing is I need all .exe files of all my programs in my directory.

Help me how to do this and what is the path I have to give?

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Free (beer-free, not necessarily speech-free) C compilers for Windows include (from memory so there may be others):

  • MinGW (Minimalist GNU for Windows)
  • MSYS
  • Cygwin
  • Eclipse CDT (which uses GNU under the covers I think)
  • Borland C++ (from their BDN museum site)
  • Visual C++ Express
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Maybe this c compiling handout can be of any use.

It shows all the steps needed to create a c based executable file.

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You need a compiler - are you using Visual Studio? GCC? The compiler you are using should come with some simple setup instructions to help to get you going.

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I would recommend if there is no reason to use MS windows, try linux.


The development environment is free.

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