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I have a query that display results as follows: enter image description here

Now I want to display these results in a tree view in vb.net using datarelation. I will add the groupId as the parent and the other details as children in the tree view. I could have done this by using a loop, but I am interested in doing this via datarelation property of datatables. So first I will create a new table with distinct groupId as follows:

Dim tbl As DataTable = dsDataset.Tables("groups").DefaultView.ToTable(True, "groupId")

Then add this table to the dataset to able to add datarelation.

tbl.TableName = "aaa"

And finally add a datarelation between the new table and the original table:

 Dim rel As New DataRelation("model", dsDataset.Tables("aaa").Columns("groupId"), dsDataset.Tables("groups").Columns("groupId"))

After running this code and when I get to part of creating this relation the following error occures:

'column' argument cannot be null.
Parameter name column

How can I solve this problem?

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I think your problem is here...

 tbl.TableName = "aaa"
 dsDataset.Tables.Add("aaa") 'Your not adding the table...

Try this instead...

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This would not solve the problem because I have dont have the problem in adding the table in the dataset. The problem in creating the relation between the two tables –  Hilal Al-Rajhi Apr 6 '14 at 7:01

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