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I am still trying to make my quiz, but I want to enter a clear the screen code for my questions. So, after researching, I found a code that works, but it puts my questions way to the bottom of the screen. Here is a screenshot I took:

The Image is below

here is a example of the clear the screen code I found:

print "\n" * 40

So I tried changing the "40" To "20" but there was no effects. I am operating on Mac so the

import os

does not work. Please help!

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possible duplicate of clear terminal in python –  pNre Apr 5 '14 at 19:37

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As @pNre noted, this question shows you how to do this with ASCI escape sequences.

If you'd like to do this using the os module, then on Mac the command is clear.

import os

Note: The fact that you are on a Mac does not mean os.system('blahblah') will not were. It is more likely the command you are passing to os.system was erroneous.

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import subprocess as sp

clear_the_screen = sp.call('cls', shell=True) # Windows
clear_the_screen = sp.call('clear', shell=True) # Linux

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