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compiler giving null pointer error, dont know why. please help?

public List<DBObject> findByDateDescending(int limit) {

    List<DBObject> posts = null;
    // XXX HW 3.2,  Work Here
    // Return a list of DBObjects, each one a post from the posts collection
    DBCursor cur=postsCollection.find().sort(new BasicDBObject("date",-1)).limit(limit);
/*==>> error */   posts.add(cur.next());
    }//end while 

    return posts;
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You did assign only null to posts, and then you try to access it, of course you get NPE. –  amit Apr 5 at 20:13
What is a NullPointerException?. And the official docs: NullPointerException –  keyser Apr 5 at 20:14
Also, the compiler does not give you NPE, the jvm does. –  amit Apr 5 at 20:14
Next time, look at your stack trace. Then read NullPointerException, then put 2 and 2 together and watch the magic happen. There's only two opportunities on that line for an NPE; either posts or cur is null. We can easily rule out cur since the line before it did not have an issue. So posts is null. Make it not be null. –  Jason C Apr 5 at 20:15

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Change this:

List<DBObject> posts = null;

To this:

List<DBObject> posts = new ArrayList<DBObject>();
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hey man, thanks it worked!! what was the error? –  exgenome Apr 5 at 20:17
@exgenome: You're welcome. The error, as explained in the comments to your question, is that you are not initializing the post variable. To be more accurate, you are initializing it to null, hence the Null-Pointer exception that you get during runtime. I thought it was pretty obvious from the answer, so I didn't bother to explain it... Don't forget to click the V in order to accept the answer :) –  barak manos Apr 5 at 20:20

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