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I am trying to change 'Display' to 'none' with jQuery, but it doesn't work, or then i have wrote it wrong?



<div class="menu">
   <ul id="ul1">
         <ul id="ul2">
             <p style="display:none">
                 Hey!, Whats up</p>



  $(".menu ul ul").css("display", "block");
  $( ".menu ul ul" ).animate({width: 'toggle'});

I want to show the "ul2" when hovering on "menu", the animate part is working, i just need the css part to work, do i have done anything wrong?

They are working apart, but they aren't working together, i dont know what i am doing wrong.

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I only see animation here, where is your attempt to change the state of display attribute? –  Alen Apr 5 at 21:10
I think you posted the wrong jsfiddle? –  Brad Faircloth Apr 5 at 21:11
there is no displays in your CSS, only animations –  dippas Apr 5 at 21:12
I can't link it, it keep saying that i has to be accompanied by code Here is the link jsfiddle.net/Z8q5g/5 –  Zeuthenjr Apr 5 at 21:19
Right! "has to be accompanied by code" means YOU NEED TO INCLUDE YOUR CODE HERE. It's a rule on Stack Overflow. Post any relevant code here, and we can take a look. –  Charlie74 Apr 5 at 21:20

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With few modification here a new fiddle working:

$(".menu ul").hover(
    function() {
        $(".menu ul ul li").css("display", "block");
    }, function() {
       $(".menu ul ul li" ).css("display", "");


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Take a look, jsfiddle.net/Z8q5g/8 i dont know how to set these together, they are working apart, like .css and .animate, but i dont know how i should write it, with them both. –  Zeuthenjr Apr 6 at 18:40
Look the fiddle I provided there are modifications in Html and CSS too. –  Core972 Apr 6 at 21:37
it should be toggled, when hovering, i want to have preview of some news in there, so it should be hidden, then you hover, it will be toggled –  Zeuthenjr Apr 8 at 10:35
Why use display block / display none when you have .show() and .hide() methods? –  Raptus May 30 at 10:38

Alternatively, and a lot cleaner you could use the following...

$(".menu ul").on("mouseenter", function() { 
}).on("mouseleave", function() {
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