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<asp:Image ID="imgteacher" runat="server" Height="150" Width="248" ImageUrl="ShowImage.ashx?id="+<%#Eval("CourseID") %>/>

Please, correct my writing mistake . I think my problem is because of only this row, therefore I only copied this row.

Parser Error Message: The server tag is not well formed.
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Alredy after a while all the questions will be duplicate –  Jeyhun Apr 5 at 21:49

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The reason for the error message is the data binding in the ImageUrl attribute. In order to make this work you need to exchange the double quotes by single ones and adjust the data binding code:

<asp:Image ID="imgteacher" runat="server" Height="150" Width="248" 
    ImageUrl='<%# "ShowImage.ashx?id="+ DataBinder.Eval(Container.DataItem, "CourseID") %>'/>
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I will accept in 7 minutes, thank you, it works –  Jeyhun Apr 5 at 21:44

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