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Due to version incompatibilities of my postgres database on heroku (9.1) and my local installation (8.4) I need a plain text sql database dump file so I can put a copy of my production data on my local testing environment.

It seems on heroku I can't make a dump using pg_dump but can instead only do this:

$ heroku pgbackups:capture
$ curl -o my_dump_file.dump `heroku pgbackups:url`

...and this gives me the "custom database dump format" and not "plain text format" so I am not able to do this:

$ psql -d my_local_database -f my_dump_file.sql
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You could just make your own pg_dump directly from your Heroku database.

First, get your postgres string using heroku config:get.

Look for the Heroku Postgres url (example: HEROKU_POSTGRESQL_RED_URL: postgres://user3123:passkja83kd8@ec2-117-21-174-214.compute-1.amazonaws.com:6212/db982398).

Next, run this on your command line:

pg_dump --host=<host_name> --port=<port> --username=<username> --password --dbname=<dbname> > output.sql

The terminal will ask for your password then run it and dump it into output.sql.

Then import it:

psql -d my_local_database -f output.sql
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Another way: 1) heroku pgbackups:capture 2) copy this to the clipboard: heroku pgbackups:url 3) curl -o latest.dump <paste pgbackups:url here> –  Petrus Repo Jan 2 at 10:07
The limitation of heroku pgbackups is that it will not run without user auth, even on Heroku within the app. It seems that pg_dump will run with only the DB auth. –  B Seven Mar 10 at 17:05

Heroku's PGBackups actually uses pg_dump behind the scenes, and the "custom format" is actually pg_dump's custom format (-Fc parameter), not Heroku's own custom format.

This means you can use pg_restore, which is part of Postgres, to restore your Heroku backup into another database directly.

In addition, if you call pg_restore without specifying a database to restore to, it'll print SQL statements to standard out, so you can turn your Heroku backup into a SQL file that way.

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