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I have been using angularjs with webapi services. I am little confused about breeze. What does it do? What is the advantage of using it from what I am currently using. I tried to search online to remove this confusion but haven't found a good article that would explain this. Please let me know any resources that can be helpful in gaining some knowledge about it.

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The excellent course on Pluralsight by John Papa is a must. There is also a very good course there by Brian Noyes on building a SPA with Breeze. He uses Knockout but the coverage of Breeze's features is quite good. – Charles Hankey Apr 8 '14 at 14:39
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This page pretty much sums it up

These two short read should also allow you to glean some understanding of how breeze was intended to be used and why:

OData vs WebApi

Concurrent Saves

From my limited experience/uses it really shines when:

  1. Creating an client side app that is required to run on less than latest browsers. (otherwise I would lean more towards websockets/firebase)
  2. Included in an application with a more than 3 entity types and a lot of PUT requests. Breeze's change tracking, queries and batched saves are a godsend

The creators of Breeze will have a lot more things to say about this product and its uses/strong points -- they do some great work and also build apps that are more heavily used than what I build.

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