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Whats up peeps..

lets say i have a ul with 30 li items

<ul class="column">
  <li>portfolio items 1</li>
  <li>portfolio items 2</li>
  <li>portfolio items 29</li>
  <li>portfolio items 30</li>

i need jquery to take li items from 10 into a new ul column and if possible from 20 into a third column

so if my ul list had 30 li items it would have only 10 and create a new ul coumn with the rest of the li items.

example of what i'm trying to do is within my portfolio

i'm basicly migrating to wordpress and i must have all entries within 1 ul. would have been very easy if i only had 1 column but my design require 4 =/

Thanks! (;

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You really need to spell- and grammar check the copy in your portfolio. – adamse Feb 18 '10 at 13:48
The portfolio is on current draft level, and i will fix the grammar issue. Don't call the grammar police just yet ok? (: – Nissan Feb 19 '10 at 9:30
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Try this. It assumes that the new ULs need to be created dynamically.

UPDATE: Created a version that assignes the class, and doesn't assign IDs at all.

$('document').ready(function() {
  var i = 0;
  var $newUL;
  var $theColumn = $('.column');
  var length = $theColumn.children('li').length;
  while(length > 10) {
    $newUL = $('<ul class="' + $theColumn.attr('class') + '"></ul>');
    while(i < 10) {
    i = 0;

Here's another way to do it. (this time the class name is hardcoded, though it doesn't need to be):

$(document).ready(function() {  
    var $newUL;
    while($('.column:last').children('li').length > 10) {
        $newUL = $('<ul class="column"></ul>');
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almost perfect, I need ul's to be created by className instead of id length. thanks again – Nissan Feb 20 '10 at 6:25
Yeah, I just used the length as a quick and easy ID. Though I'm not sure what you mean by created by className. If you mean that you need them to have the same class as the original, that's easy. I'll update my answer. If that's not what you mean, let me know. – user113716 Feb 20 '10 at 12:12
Working perfectly, thanks again! – Nissan Feb 22 '10 at 12:08

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