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I am trying to read COM ports to interface with an Arduino. When I launch my application from Eclipse, it reads the input from the USB ports just fine.

However, when I export the program as a runnable jar, while the program appears to have exported currently-- all other functionality works as intended-- I am no longer able to get communication from COM ports.

No other program is using the COM port when I run the runnable jar file.

What is the solution? Does it have to do with a firewall/the OS blocking my program somehow?

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My first guess is that when you run it after you export the JAR file, your classpath isn't the same as when you run it through eclipse. If that's the case though, you should get a lot of ClassNotFoundExceptions, and/or Java should complain about not finding something on the path. –  rm5248 Apr 9 at 3:05
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