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I have one currently that simple does it by aspect ratio, however I need it to fill a 150 x 150 size, whereas mine would honour its ratio and do 150 x 120 for example.

Ideally it would goto the centre of the image.


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While I think haim's offered link is very good to use, you may want to consider using ImageMagick, which is a multi-language-supported software that I personally believe many hosting companies have. I think it's a more efficient way of implementing what you're looking for, rather than resizing/cropping with GD library.

Take a look at this built function. It also allows caching, and copying remote images to your server.

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Thats a really nice script, it wouldn't write though and seems pretty hard routed to use the cache route which I can't use. – azz0r Feb 18 '10 at 15:43

Try TimThumb, the most popular php class for image resizing

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There's a php library for image manipulation called GD - You could give it a look

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i recommended about this simple class , you can resize / crop / flip ....

link :

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This would be ideal if the crop function wasn't backwards. Essentially I'd have to get the file size then do the math manually of how much to crop off. – azz0r Feb 18 '10 at 15:41

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