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I want to add results of SPARQL queries to a web page using a server-side script. My server-side scripting is beginner-level, so the simpler the script, the better for now.

I've made some basic SPARQL queries using Snorql; I'm assuming this is an appropriate first step. My end goal is to have a portable, relatively simple php/python solution of making queries to datasets such as dbpedia, for output to a web page.

Any advice would be much appreciated.

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After some research, I was able to accomplish my original task, so I'll answer my own question.

I was able to output results from SPARQL queries on a web page using the ARC2 PHP library. Once I got everything working, I wrote a tutorial on it: Creating HTML Web Pages from Linked Data Using PHP, SPARQL, and ARC2

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See the query examples at http://www.sparql.org/. It uses client-side XSLT (there is a commonly used transform to get an HTML from the XML results published by the SPARQL working group).

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