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I have this script :

./process-list $1 
echo $det
if [ $det -eq 1 ]
   echo "!!!"
   ssh -n -f "/usr/local/bin/sshfs -r /home/ossl7/r"
   rk=$(ssh -n -f 'cd /home/s/r/rootcheck-2.4; ./ossec-rootcheck >&2; echo $?' 2>res)
if [ $rk -eq 0 ]
   echo "not!" 

I ssh to system and run sshfs command on it. actualy I want to mount a directory of system on system and then run a program (which is located in that directory) on system all these ssh and sshfs commands work properly. when I run them manually and output of program ossec-rootcheck is written to file res ,but when I run this script, mount is done but no output is written to file res. I guess program ossec-rootcheck is runned but I don't know why the output isn't written! this script used to work properly before I don't know what happend suddenly!

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Could it be that there is no writing permission any more on that mounted volume? Check by doing the steps manually, so in an interactive session instead of that script. –  arkascha Apr 6 at 8:04
Is 192.*.*.1 a placeholder because you don't want to reveal the precise address to us, or is that the big glaring error in your script right there? –  tripleee Apr 6 at 8:46
@arkascha:I mentioned that I runned the commands interactively(manually means without script) and they work properly! –  Mjina Apr 6 at 9:16
There must be some difference. If everything were the same in manual and script based execution then the same thing would happen. Maybe a race condition, since typically scripts run faster than manually typed commands? –  arkascha Apr 6 at 9:28
I've edited the question to use addresses from the block of IP space reserved for examples; see tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5737 for details. –  chepner Apr 6 at 13:03

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As far as I understand the program, the remote machine has stdin>stderr, but how do you get that to the local machine where ssh is being evaluated?

The end ' means on the rk= line, the 2>res happens locally. (and there is no error from ssh, the remote error, if any, is lost when ssh successfully completes.) You could try >res it will get whatever ssh prints out, unfortunately including non-errors.

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:you mean some overwriting is happening?I dont think so because I changed that line and I trie ssh -n -f 192.*.*.1 'cd /home/s/r/rootcheck-2.4; ./ossec-rootcheck >&2; echo $2' but still nothing happens! –  Mjina Apr 6 at 12:28

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