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I have written some functions in R with different sample sizes and will like to have an anova fit for each of the sample sizes. Please can anyone help me as to how to write a code that does it once for each one of them? ns represents the different sample sizes.

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What is exactly the output you are looking for? The whole anova or some parts of it? Also, what does this line do and do you need its output too? (ns/2-1)*var(x)+(ns/2-1)*var(y))/((2*ns/2)-2). Please post a desired output –  David Arenburg Apr 6 at 10:29
Alright please take out the last statement but what I want is the anova(fitt) for 16, that for 18 and so on up to 30, writing a program to do it once rather than one after the other. –  user3407190 Apr 6 at 10:43

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Something like that?

loopAnovafunc <- function(temp) {
x <- rnorm(temp/2,2,5)
y <- rnorm(temp/2,0,1)
yy <- c(y,x)
xx <- c(rep(0,temp/2),rep(1,temp/2))
fitt <- lm(yy~xx)

ns <- c(16,18,22,30)
lapply(ns, loopAnovafunc)
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Thanks David but can you please explain the last part of the output –  user3407190 Apr 6 at 10:52
I've edited the answer, try now –  David Arenburg Apr 6 at 10:52
Thanks very much David. Very grateful –  user3407190 Apr 6 at 11:03

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