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I need to generate a unique alphanumeric id, I could use UUID but the generated string is longer than I need, I would like a generated string of length 8 (more or less). Therefore I thought of using RandomStringUtils.randomAlphanumeric(int count) of Apache lang. I know there is no 100% guarantee that the string will be unique so I wonder if someone knows the probabilities of having duplicates when using e.g. count of 8 or 9? Thanks.

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get ths hashCode of the UUID –  Sudhir Mishra Apr 6 at 9:00
You could store the generated string somewhere and check against storage when generating in order to ensure unicity. –  RC. Apr 6 at 9:24

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Quickly looking at the javadoc it seems to pick chars from ascii letters and numbers only, so 36 characters. The probability to get a given string of 8 characters is therefore 36^8 ~ 3E12. For 9 characters the probability is 36^9 ~ 1E14.

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Thanks for the reply but I'm afraid it is a bit more complicated. Is there a distinguish between lower and upper case? On top of that I guess it depends on the how random is the algorithm used. –  Guy Apr 6 at 12:07

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