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I did as the R extension documentation to set


in the src/Makevars file.

On linux it builds fine while on windows it gets various errors like:

undefined reference to `omp_get_num_threads'
undefined reference to `omp_get_thread_num'
undefined reference to `GOMP_barrier'

From the documentation I feel openmp is supported on Windows now. Is it right? How to solve the errors if it is supported by official Rtools?

An old post related: using openmp in windows R, does rtools support openmp? , which says openmp not supported on windows at that time.

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GOMP_barrier is a function in the GCC OpenMP runtime library. If the package build uses GCC to also link the object files then the -fopenmp option should be present at link time. Otherwise the objects have to be explicitly linked against libgomp via the -lgomp option. –  Hristo Iliev Apr 6 at 10:48
What compiler are you building R with on Windows? –  Z boson Apr 6 at 16:42
With the Rtools packaged version, GCC. –  xgdgsc Apr 7 at 2:07

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The error is actually caused by UTF-8 BOM in the src/Makevars.win file, removing BOM fixed it for me.

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