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ok, I have post a number of questions about this and got most of this working but I am not sure about a something I am doing, so I thought it would be easy and cleaner to just post my issues in a new question, with a complete copy of my code.

So my aim, I have my menu inside my database, the menu title, path and a level with an id field as the primary key. Then I have a PHP class that builds this within a 'nav' tag in a list. This all works without any problems. Now the level is set from 1 to 5, and the select SQL command builds the menu by ordering with that level.

The goal in mind for this, is for a form to hold all this data, then using HTML5 drag and drop and would be able to change the level set in the database.

So what I am currently trying to do is to get BackBone to load that data into an underscore template. This is where I am having a few issues.

So my BackBone code,

var AdminColModel = Backbone.Collection.extend({
     url: '/GetMenu'

var AdminEditMenu = Backbone.View.extend({
el: '.page',
render: function() {
    var that = this;
    var MyMenu = new AdminColModel();

        success: function(MyMenu) {
            var menutemp = _.template( $('#MenuTemplate').html(), {MyMenu: MyMenu.toJSON() } );
            that.$el.html(that.menutemp );
            return that; 


   var MyMenu = new AdminEditMenu();

The Path /GetMenu returns, I am using PHP Slim here to do this, the menu database information in a JSON format.

This is my Underscore code,

<script type="text/template" id="MenuTemplate"> 

   <% _.each(MyMenu, function(MyMenu) { %>

        <%= $('.page').append( %>
        <%= $('.page').append(MyMenu.title) %>
        <%= $('.page').append(MyMenu.path) %>
    <%= $('.page').append(MyMenu.level) %>
    <%= $('.page').append('<br/><br/>') %>

   <% }); %>


Now my BackBone points to a '.page' class which I echo out in a div tag above the code this tempalte, so that, form what I know, the class is in the DOM before the template, I think that is right.

I am also using Grunt to minify all my backbone / JQuery code, which loads just before I close my body tag.

Now this does work, but from a youtube video I watch, the guy just coded in a table within the underscore template, which then loaded. If I load anything in the template, is dose NOT show up, the JQuery .appends that I have added to my JSON data is the only way I found I could print / echo that data into my page. I do not think this is right and I know I must be doing something wrong.

I have not posted any of my PHP code as I did not think it was needed, this all works and there does not seem to be any issue with that side of my code.

All help or comments most welcome.


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on a side note: change that.$el.html(that.menutemp ); to that.$el.html( menutemp );. Since menutemp is a local variable, therefore that is not required with it. –  Zain Shaikh Apr 6 '14 at 10:03
Thanks, will do so. Glenn –  Glenn Curtis Apr 6 '14 at 10:29
Usually <%= $('.page').append( %> would be more like <%= %>, then the template produces a hunk of text/html that the view would toss in the page somewhere. –  mu is too short Apr 7 '14 at 5:57
@mu-is-too-short - That is my issue, if I do just <%= %>, it will not display anything at all. It does not make an difference what I put in there, it will not display / render anything. I have try 'div' tags, tables, section tags, but nothing is displaying. Am I doing something wrong? Or is what I am doing ok? Thanks glenn –  Glenn Curtis Apr 7 '14 at 8:39
Its Ok, I got it to work. When I did what Zain said, it worked. @zain-shaikh, if you post that as an answer, I accept it. Thanks Glenn. –  Glenn Curtis Apr 7 '14 at 11:03

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Change that.$el.html(that.menutemp ); to that.$el.html( menutemp );.

Since menutemp is a local variable, therefore that is not required with it.

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