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Say I'm cloning a repository that I always clone to C:\working_copies\<customer-name>\<customer-project>\ and that the project has variables in it's build.properties that get filled in with <customer-name> <customer-project> (by me) everytime I clone the repo.

Is there a way that I can fill in these values in the file automatically by placing some special value in the file (in ant it's something like ${base-dir} or something like that) that would fill in these build.property values for me?

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option 1: make sure build process only relies on relative paths, and dont change name/project variable

option2: write a hook, specifically a post-clone hook, try the book for a hook tutorial

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No, Mercurial is completely unaware of what is outside of it's repository folder.

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You should be able to rig this up using the Keyword Extension. Just set up a HGRC that populates the working directory with the values you want upon update.

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Is there any way to place a regular expression selection taken from the path of the directory? – leeand00 Feb 27 '10 at 16:01
You could do so when building the .hgrc file that will include details ont he substitution to make, but you can't have regexp captures evaluated live during keyword replacement that I know of. – Ry4an Feb 28 '10 at 4:42

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