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I have an array whose values are all arrays of a specific format that looks like this:

    [0] => Array
               [username] => John
    [1] => Array
               [username] => Joe
    [2] => Array
               [username] => Jake

and I would like to have this:

    [0] => John   
    [1] => Joe
    [2] => Jake

I can do this manually with a loop but is there a better way? If not, is it possible to do this for an array of objects that have a common attribute?

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why complicate things?

foreach($array as $k=>$v) {
    $new[$k] = $v['username'];
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Since PHP 5.5.0 there is a built-in function array_column which does exactly this.

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If you're using PHP 5.3 or 5.4, you can always use this library (open-source). – Léo Lam Apr 14 '14 at 8:43
How can i use array_column if i have no specific keys for my array. Its the default keys provided in php – Dinesh Mar 24 at 16:05

If you're using PHP 5.3 you can make use of array_walk_recursive and a closure (the closure can be replaced by a normal function if your PHP version < 5.3):

function arrayFlatten(array $array) {
    $flatten = array();
    array_walk_recursive($array, function($value) use(&$flatten) {
        $flatten[] = $value;

    return $flatten;

$nested = array(
    array('username' => 'John'),
    array('username' => 'Joe'),
    array('username' => 'Jake'),

$flattened = arrayFlatten($nested);


  0 => string 'John' (length=4)
  1 => string 'Joe' (length=3)
  2 => string 'Jake' (length=4)
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$new_array = array_column($last_array, 'username');
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$new = array_map(create_function('$auser', 'return $auser["username"];'), $array);

If using objects you could just change return $auser["username"]; to return $auser->get_username();

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Try this code:

foreach   ($arr as $key => $val)
    sort($val );
    $new = array_merge($val, $new);
print_r ($new);
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Try this:

foreach($array as $v) {
    array_push($list, $v['username']);
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If you don't care about the keys:

$new_array = array();

foreach($array as $v) {

    $new_array[] = $v['username']
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