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I have a module like windows explorer in my app. I want to handle opening and closing the word and excel files in that module. When I'm opening f.e. 4-5 files at the same time, the close handler doesn't work correctly.

The problem is: sometimes after closing the Word app, my app is not stopping on breakpoint at the beginning of wordDocEvents_DocumentBeforeClose function. Seems something related inter process communication, because every opened document is a new process.

If it is known issue please help, otherwise I'll try to do something in my codes.

code snapshot:

if (_wordApp == null)
    _wordApp = new Word.Application();
    _wordDocEvents = (Word.ApplicationEvents4_Event)_wordApp;
    if (!isLocked)
        //_wordDocEvents.Quit += new Word.ApplicationEvents4_QuitEventHandler(wordDocEvents_Quit);
        _wordDocEvents.DocumentBeforeClose += new Word.ApplicationEvents4_DocumentBeforeCloseEventHandler(wordDocEvents_DocumentBeforeClose);
        _wordDocEvents.DocumentBeforeSave += new Word.ApplicationEvents4_DocumentBeforeSaveEventHandler(wordDocEvents_DocumentBeforeSave);
        _wordApp.DisplayAlerts = Word.WdAlertLevel.wdAlertsNone;
_wordApp.Visible = true;
Word.Document oDoc = _wordApp.Documents.Open(fileName, null, isLocked);

_wordApp.Visible = true;

close handler:

void wordDocEvents_DocumentBeforeClose(Word.Document doc, ref bool Cancel)
    if (!doc.Saved)
        MessageBoxResult res = MessageBox.Show(ApplicationValues.GetResourceString("library_file_save_changes"), "", MessageBoxButton.YesNoCancel, MessageBoxImage.Question, MessageBoxResult.Yes, System.Windows.MessageBoxOptions.DefaultDesktopOnly);
        switch (res)
            case MessageBoxResult.Yes:
            case MessageBoxResult.No:
                doc.Saved = true;
                Cancel = true;
    interopFileBeforeCloseHandler(doc.FullName, doc.ReadOnly);

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Were you able to figure it out? We're having the same problem. –  animaonline Nov 21 '14 at 12:09
Still no answer to this question...?:( Im also having the same problem.. Sometimes close event triggers, sometimes it doesnt... –  Jack Frost May 7 at 7:40
I just stop using MS Interop that was my solution sorry :) –  artos May 9 at 15:42

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