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I'm trying to compile Android FS, on OSX 10.8.5, and I'm getting an error that seems related to the fact that the build is being done on OSX.

I did all the brew installations and the compilation is being done on a case-sensitive FS, yet I'm getting the following:

target arm C++: libwebrtc_apm <= out/target/product/generic/obj/STATIC_LIBRARIES/libwebrtc_apm_intermediates/proto/external/webrtc/src/modules/audio_processing/test/unittest.pb.cc Symlink: out/target/product/generic/system/vendor/lib/libbltsville_cpu.so -> ./libbltsville_ticpu.so Symlink: out/target/product/generic/system/vendor/lib/libbltsville_ticpu.so -> ./libbltsville_ticpu. Install: out/host/darwin-x86/bin/minigzip cp: the -R and -r options may not be specified together. make: * [out/target/product/generic/system/vendor/lib/libbltsville_ticpu.so] Error 1 make: * Deleting file `out/target/product/generic/system/vendor/lib/libbltsville_ticpu.so' make: * Waiting for unfinished jobs....

Any ideas?

I know that -R can solve this issue, but the build is being done by scripts and it'll be very hard to change all the spots where -avr will be -avR!! I'm looking for a way to replace the cp command to a more linux like command....

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So I got an answer for this conundrum:

The Makefile & main.mk located in build/core

Are the rogue files that made the trouble, hope this'll help someone.

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