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I used this code to display string to a GtkTextView object:

btsel(database, word, meaning, 50000, &rsize); //B-tree
gtk_text_buffer_set_text(buffer, meaning, -1);

Problem is that it showed the entire string without parsing the newline characters, the result ended up like this:


At first i thought the prolem was the use of Unicode characters, so i tried using the following code to test if it was true:

strcpy(buffer, "Nguyễn\nAnh\nTuấn");
gtk_text_buffer_set_text(buffer, meaning, -1);

And this time the result was:


After hours searching Google in vain, i ended up here. Pls help me, and thank you in advance (^^

My bad English.

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You don't show what the input was in your first attempt. Is the \n code literally in there? If so, then gtk works correctly, and you have to scan for the substring "\n" and replace it with an actual end-of-line code before displaying. –  Jongware Apr 6 at 14:52

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