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Here's my schema:

var VideoNode = new mongoose.Schema({
        title: String,
        uid: String,
        fullvideo: Boolean,
        parentmap: String,
        creator: String,
        description_note: String,
        bookmarks: [ Bookmark ],
    threads: [ String ],
        annotations: [ Annotation ],    
        cons:   [String],
        justadded:  Boolean,
        position: { top: Number, left: Number }

var Annotation = new mongoose.Schema({
    starttime  : Date,
        dateadded  : Date,
        text       : String,
        type_icon  : String,
        author     : String,
    messages   : [Message],
        voters     : [String],
        annotation_type : String,
        stime_inseconds : Number

I'm trying to query for all "annotations" for the user who is currently "logged in".

Here's my query:

socket.on('annotations:read', function (data, callback) {

        console.log("finding all annotations where author = username that is passed in 'data' parameter");

                console.log("User logged in is:" + data.username);
            VideoNodeModel.findOne( {'annotations.author': data.username},'title creator annotations', function( err, videonode ) {
            console.log( "found the videonodes with my first query" );
            if( !err ) {
                console.log('Videonodes found by my method are:' + videonode);

                videonode.annotations.find({author:data.username},['annotations.author annotations.text'], function(err, annotations){
                    console.log( "found the ANNOTATIONS" );
                    socket.emit('catchresults', {result: annotations}); // event that returns to client result of the query
                    console.log('Annotations found by my method are:' + annotations);
                  } else {
                    console.log('no annotations found');


However i end up with this error when the query is exectuted. The query finds a videonode where the author of annotation is the logged in user, but when it runs the videonode.annotations.find it fails to go past the "messages" field inside Annotation schema. And I get this error messages: [] } has no method 'find'. Could any one please suggest a way to avoid this error and get all annotations for a particular user.

Any ideas? Did you experience something similar?

Thanks a lot in advance! Appreciate any help!

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videonode.annotations is just an array, not a queryable collection. –  JohnnyHK Apr 6 '14 at 15:58
Thanks @JohnnyHK! So any other way to find the videonode.annotations ? –  imdebs Apr 7 '14 at 13:23

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