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I'm having some trouble understanding the redirect_to statement. I have a model "Book" (with an boolean attribute "read")and a controller "books". Now I created a second controller "Admins" having to methods: index and change. The index view just renders a list off all Books with a link to the change method:

<% @Books.each do |d| %>
<%= d.title %><br>
<% if d.read==true %>
<%= link_to "mark unread", change_path(:id=>d.id)%>
<% else %>
<%= link_to "mark read", change_path(:id=>d.id)%>
<%end %>

Now the change method just changes the "read" attribute:

if @book.read==true
@book.update_attributes(:read => false)
@book.update_attributes(:read => true)
redirect_to action: "index"

The Problem is: rails tries to redirect me to the show action using the :id as a parameter...(perhaps because the change_url is /admins/change?id=3) But I just want to be directed back to the index view "/admins"

is there a way? it seems like rails always tries to redirect to the view action if there is an id as a parameter

Thanks alot

PS: the routes.rb contains resources:admins and resources:books

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How do you know that rails tries to redirect me to the show action using the :id as a parameter? Do you get any error? If yes, please share the server log generated for the same. –  Kirti Thorat Apr 6 '14 at 15:24

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If you want a clear explanation of redirect_to ... checkout


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redirect_to doesn't quite work that way - you'll have to try redirect_to books_path or whatever the actual path routes function that you want to redirect to is.

There's a bit more information at the docs, but the gist is that redirect_to action: "index" does NOT actually run any code in the index action.


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Use this

redirect_to :controller => 'admins', :action => 'index'


redirect_to admins_url

The above two will direct you to the index page of AdminsController. There is no way that Rails would route it to show action UNLESS you are redirecting to show action from the index action of AdminsController. Since, you did not share index action code of AdminsController, I would recommend you to check there.

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I had a kind of similar issue some days ago. I would suggest to do this within the form where you list the books and the mark/unmark checkboxes.

<%= form_for @book,:url => book_index_path do |f| %>

This worked fine for me, when I set up a site where you create data and the user is immediately redirected to the same page (incl. success/error message).. to do a kind of human batch-processing.

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