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For some reason, I need to remove all closing HTML tags from a string in PHP, so I need a Regular Expression to match all closing HTML Tags. I'm extremely unexperienced with Regular Expressions, so I tried using /\<\\.*\>/g and /<\\.*>/g, but that didn't work. What should I use instead?

Please note that I only want to match closing HTML tags. Opening HTML Tags should remain untouched. Thanks in advance!

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The reason that did not work is because you were doing a greedy match. If you did that with a lazy match and fixed the slash direction, it would work fine. Adding a ? after, at least in this case, makes it lazy. You may want to look into why here –  nerdwaller Apr 6 '14 at 15:26

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Use this regex:




That will do.

Live Demo

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Matching HTML with a regex is not a good idea, but if you have to, you can use



</     # Match </
[^<>]* # Match any number of characters except angle brackets
>      # Match >
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because u dont want to match ?.=- and _ in tag.

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