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I am entering this type of input from command line :

mynameis "jason roger"

I want to have mynameis and jason roger in two different strings. But I even failed in printing the input. When I use this

  string command;


I get this


How can I fix this? Thanks.

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The >> operator reads from the input stream (cin, here) until it hits a whitespace character. You might want to look at the getline function instead, but you would need to split your string manually.

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Cool Jason replied jason ! –  P0W Apr 6 at 17:49
this question could very well be about json –  Streppel Apr 6 at 17:50
He could also do a looped getline using a space as the delimiter. He'd probably want to use a vector to make it work with input of arbitrary length. –  Namfuak Apr 6 at 17:53

you should use getline to get input which includes whilte-spaces. in this way:

 getline(cin, str); // here str is string
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