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Below is the code from the book "Programming From the Ground Up". However, each time I run the code, I get a Segmentation Fault. Why is this?

Debugging has led me to the conclusion that this is the first line to produce the fault:

subl $4, %esp   #get room for our local storage

I have tried to esp -= 4 (as above) then esp += 4 (operations that cancel each other out), and yet the problem still persists. Why?

 .section .data
 .section .text
 .globl _start
 pushl $3   #push second argument
 pushl $2   #push first argument
 call power 
 addl $8, %esp  #move the stack pointer back
 pushl %eax #save the first answer before call
 pushl $2   #push second argument
 pushl $5   #push first argument
 call power 
 addl $8, %esp  #move the stack pointer back
 popl %ebx  #pop answer from stack to this register
 addl %eax, %ebx    #add both returns
 movl $1, %eax  #exit (%ebx is returned)
 int $0x80

 .type power, @function
 pushl %ebp #save old base pointer
 movl %esp, %ebp    #make stack pointer the base pointer
 subl $4, %esp  #get room for our local storage
 movl 8(%ebp), %ebx #push first argument in %ebx
 movl 12(%ebp), %ecx    #put second argument in %ecx
 movl %ebx, -4(%ebp)    #store current result

 cmpl $1, %ecx  #if the power is 1, we are done
 je end_power
 movl -4(%ebp), %eax    #move the current result into #eax
 imull %ebx, %eax   #multiple current by base number
 movl %eax, -4(%ebp)    #store the current result
 decl %ecx  #decrease the power
 jmp power_loop_start   #run for next power

 movl -4(%ebp), %eax    #return value goes in %eax
 movl %ebp, %esp    #restore the stack pointer
 popl %ebp  #restore the base pointer
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Your code as pasted works fine here. Make sure you don't accidentally compile as 64 bit (but even then the fault happened elsewhere for me). –  Jester Apr 6 at 18:07
Could you show a debugger stack trace maybe? It seems very unlikely that a segfault is actually occurring on an instruction that is just changing the value of esp. –  Andrew Medico Apr 6 at 18:07

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