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I have created two active directory in azure which connect with two different local active directory (two different companey)

I Have application in which i want both azure active directory user can login on same instance of application i don't want to host two instance of application .

After authentication i need to to check from which active directory user belongs .

Any Help would be really appreciated since i am struggling from last three days

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Thats a multi tenant application from the maad/waad perspective. Try google that until i have time to give an in depth answer –  pksorensen Apr 8 at 10:25
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You need to create a multi-tenant application, like pksorensen's comment states. Essentially what you want to do is register the application in one of your directories and update its configuration to make it multi-tenant capable (discussed in the links below). When a user from another directory signs in to the application, your app starts a consent flow by hitting Azure AD's common authentication endpoint (different from your tenant-specific one), and then displays a consent dialog. After the user consents, Azure AD registers the application in the other directory.

All the information you need about implementing this scenario:

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