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I'm working on a project that compares text.

Here is the relevant piece of code:

def post(self):
    A = unicode(flask.request.form['A'])
    B = unicode(flask.request.form['B'])

I posted large pieces of text from project gutenberg and I get errors like this:

UnicodeEncodeError: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe9' in position 6: ordinal not in range(128)

Based on this page I have tried errors ignore and errors replace and get the error:

TypeError: decoding Unicode is not supported

If possible I want to be able to take in the most robust set of characters possible. I was hoping there was a python library that would allow this.

Here is more of the code. I think the problem may occur when I try to turn my input into a string.

    C = A.split()
    D = B.split()
    Both = []
    for x in C:
        if x in D:
    for x in range(len(Both)):
    Final = []
    for x in set(Both):
    MissingA = []
    for x in C:
        if x not in Final and x not in MissingA:
    for x in range(len(MissingA)):
    MissingB = []
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Are you sure that the data is not already Unicode? –  Daniel Roseman Apr 6 at 18:14
I didn't know I couldnt go from unicode to unicode. It could be any kind of data pasted into a web form. –  user3489126 Apr 6 at 18:27
But Flask almost certainly converts the input, so that what you receive in request.form is Unicode. –  Daniel Roseman Apr 6 at 18:40

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