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This piece of code returns null on Chrome but returns a proper context on Firefox.

var create3DContext = function(canvas, opt_attribs) {
  var names = ["webgl", "experimental-webgl"];
  var context = null;
  for (var ii = 0; ii < names.length; ++ii) {
    try {
      context = canvas.getContext(names[ii], opt_attribs);
    } catch(e) {}
    if (context) {
  return context;

This is how it is called:

var setupWebGL = function(canvas, opt_attribs) {
  function showLink(str) {
    var container = canvas.parentNode;
    if (container) {
      container.innerHTML = makeFailHTML(str);

  if (!window.WebGLRenderingContext) {
    return null;

  var context = create3DContext(canvas, opt_attribs);
  if (!context) {
  return context;

var getWebGLContext = function(canvas, opt_attribs) {
  if (isInIFrame()) {

    // make the canvas backing store the size it's displayed.
    canvas.width = canvas.clientWidth;
    canvas.height = canvas.clientHeight;
  } else {
    var title = document.title;
    var h1 = document.createElement("h1");
    h1.innerText = title;
    document.body.insertBefore(h1, document.body.children[0]);

  var gl = setupWebGL(canvas, opt_attribs);
  return gl;

var isInIFrame = function() {
  return window != window.top;

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Could you show how the function is called? Just tried var canvas = document.createElement('canvas'); canvas.getContext('webgl'); on Chrome 33, it returned proper object. –  raina77ow Apr 6 at 19:08
@raina77ow, edited. –  learner Apr 6 at 19:16
I see, thank you; still doesn't make any sense, though. Can you add console.log(canvas) to some of that code of yours - and show its output? Also (just a sanity check, so it does sound stupid; still have to ask) have you debugged that snippet, are you sure that it's canvas.getContext('webgl') returning null? –  raina77ow Apr 6 at 21:48
Yet another sanity check: check chrome://flags/, is webGl support enabled? –  raina77ow Apr 6 at 21:57

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