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i'm trying to write a js function and i'd like to add a destroy() functionality to it. basicly code goes like this:

 function jsFunc(obj)
    var InputControl=function(){
        //check input object for special rules.
        // i.e  obj.wait_time isn't defined, return false
        return false;
    var do_some_operation=function()
        //do something
    var destroy=function()
        delete (this);


var obj={
var xxx= new jsFunc(obj);


when i click #button it doesn't do nothing. i tried to search the web, found some solutions and tried it. did not work.

i tried these code for the destroy() function:

1.  this=null;
2. for(var i in this)

when i use one of these, it destroys the original function, so i cannot re-intantiate again. can somebody help me? i thank everybody who contributes to this question beforehand.

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what did you want destroy to do? –  guest Apr 6 at 19:14
i want destroy delete the instatiated object. if you see bottom of the first code i've written, if i click a button that i assigned, it should delete the obj. i instatiated.I aim to write the method just like bxSlider's destoy method, or tinymce's destroy method. tinymce.com/wiki.php/API3:method.tinymce.Editor.destroy –  Kambaa Apr 7 at 8:22

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delete is for removing properties from objects. Sometimes people use it to remove properties from the global object, making it look like it deletes variables. I don't think it's what you wanted.

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Why you want to destroy this?

JavaScript runtimes both on browsers and server-side have their automatic garbage collection processes that free-up memory for you.

Usually destroy() would remove some control from the HTML/DOM and initialize its state in order to let other instance of the same control work in the same scope...

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