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In our app, the splash screen size is showing the same for both iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. As a result of this, there are two gaps (one on top and one on bottom) when the app is launched.

How do we go about fixing this issue?

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In iOS 7 as you know Apple changed how the status bar "operates". The status bar is part of the app layout by default. This also means it overlaps the splash image at the top. That's fine.

Also, as you can see when launching a new and unmodified Worklight-based app with an iOS environment in the iOS Simulator or iDevice, the splash image does not produce any "cut lines" at the top and bottom. It displays properly:

enter image description here

What you need to do is to create a properly sized image of your own and name it correctly. The way you name the file is essential - this is how iOS knows how to handle it.

See the Apple Human Interface Guidelines:

See a bit more here:

For example, for iPhone 5 and above the launch image needs to be 640 x 1136 pixels and it can be titled: Default-568h@2x~iphone.png and you place it in your-app\iphone\native\Resources:

enter image description here

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