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I noticed that GHC doesn't complain if I import (or export) the methods of type classes directly:

import Prelude (signum)

as opposed to using the "constructor" syntax:

import Prelude (Num(signum))

Because of this, I assumed that the former syntax was OK and went with it. However, I ran into this odd issue with fromInteger, where the former syntax doesn't work -- GHC will accept it silently, only to complain later that fromInteger was never exported in the first place. Did I happen to stumble upon some unspecified behavior in the language?

Here's a minimal test case:

-- A.hs
module A (fromInteger) where
import Prelude (fromInteger)

-- B.hs
module B where
import Prelude ()
import A
f = fromInteger
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Both forms work fine for me on GHC 7.6.3 (at least in GHCi with -XNoImplicitPrelude, what version of GHC are you using? –  bheklilr Apr 6 at 20:12
@bheklilr Same version. –  Rufflewind Apr 6 at 21:27

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