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I am constructing a SharePoint website and we have a navigation menu bar showing links to pages within a site. We have a site “abc” and within that there are pages, we are putting some within a navigation folder to give the illusion that they are a new site except its not. Is there anyway to tell that you are in a folder, you can used the “has child nodes”, which does the job but I need to only go down where there is a folder and not a whole other site.


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Upload some code to show you're iterating through the objects.. you'd get a more accurate answer that way. –  Zeb Feb 18 '10 at 16:10

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  • Every SPWeb object has a SPFolderCollection property named Folders
  • Every SPFolder object has as SPFolderCollection property name SubFolders

With that, you can find all folders under a SharePoint site.

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Thanks, When I use this method the folder comes back as "" so I cant use this method. Is there anyway to tell if you are on a subsite or a page?? Is there a property that I could use? –  Marc G Feb 19 '10 at 16:19

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