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I run a Java (jar) application on MAC OS. I am using an AppleScript to run the Java program and it works fine. Now, I like to use an AppleScript to close the Java program. I need to Force Quit the Java program. I used the following AppleScript,

set app_name to "NPC"
set the_pid to (do shell script "ps ax | grep " & (quoted form of app_name) & " | grep -v grep | awk '{print $1}'")
if the_pid is not "" then do shell script ("kill -9 " & the_pid)

The AppleScript that runs the Java program is called "NPC.app" When I run "NPC.app" it shows as NPC and NPC.npc on the Activity Monitor application. The above code which is set to remove the NPC application does not remove either NPC (this is the "NPC.app") or NPC.npc (this is the Java program). I get the following error,

error "sh: line 0: kill: 1180 1182: arguments must be process or job IDs" number 1

1180 being the PID for NPC and 1182 being the PID for NPC.npc in the Activity Monitor.

What is the correct AppleScript to force quit the Java program?

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Try using pkill instead:

do shell script ("pkill -9 NPC*")

Some examples here.

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Thanks for your help. But I go the following error message when I tried it: "The command exited with a non-zero status." number 1 –  Codename K Apr 7 at 6:11
What happens if you try running it by hand from a Terminal window? Also, try some different signal numbers. –  Mark Setchell Apr 7 at 6:36
OK, I'll try that. –  Codename K Apr 7 at 12:15
Thanks Mark. I am still working on it. But I will reply to you in a day or two. –  Codename K Apr 9 at 4:01
Whoever downvoted my reply, it would be nice if you had the courtesy to explain why... –  Mark Setchell Apr 9 at 11:18
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Here is the AppleScript that will close Java programs,

tell application "Terminal"
    do shell script "ps ax | grep \"java.*$1\" | grep -v grep | awk '{ print \"kill \" $1 }' | sh"
end tell

*Reference: MAC OS - Is there a way to close a Java program?

Thanks to: wojciechka ♦♦*

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